Hi guys, I’ve completed a short post with a review of a site I have experienced service from lately. I have chosen to share this

Ineffabless jewellery was a company I found through my daily browsing of Instagram. I decided to check them out, I’m a big lover of accessories, especially when it comes to an intricate necklace, something which they have plenty of to offer. Each piece on site is so individual. It is almost impossible to browse and leave empty handed.

The site they lead is full to the brim of beautiful pieces with every item of jewellery you could ever need. Earrings rings, necklaces. You name it, they have it. I love it.

The collection is so versatile and there is something to suit a wide variety of age taste and occasions. From sterling silver to rose gold, simple designs through to more flamboyant and colourful jewellery. The choices are endless.

It was hard to choose just one item,  I went with an angel heart and wings rose gold necklace. The delivery was fast and the service was superb. Ineffable kept in touch with myself throughout the delivery process and checked I was happy with the product afterwards. I could happily have every item from the collection and will be ordering again. After all, Christmas is creeping up.

Here, I have added some useful URL links that may just help you find something you are looking for, such as that perfect silver necklace or earring set;

Silver jewellery UK

Silver necklaces UK

See below for a few images. I love my necklace and have been wearing it as a key piece and part of my everyday uniform. It’s too easy to wear. Much if the range of their jewellery will go with any outfit. It’s so easy to pull off and gives a little sparkle at the same time. What more can a girl want?!




Psst..check them out on their website of you haven’t already –

silver jewelry UK –
silver necklaces uk

For Instagram search ineffabless jewelry.

Happy browsing, lots of love  x.

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Ineffabless jewellery. A sneak peak and review of my recent service.