Ineffabless Heartbeat & Love Necklace (Review)

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The way you move
Your demeanour
Bringing nerves to the surface
Setting my heart on fire
Since I learned your name
An angel surrounded by darkness
Troubled with good intentions
Yet you still chose to stick around
Love is in the air
Feelings of affection rise
Strong emotions
This is new and unfamiliar
Loving your simple style
A villain with a good heart
How did you become this way?
Ride or die from the beginning
Heartbeats in synch
Open up to me
Do you feel the same?
Let’s discover and explore together
The journey  continues
This is just the beginning
A symbol of love
The jewel of my eye
Laced with extravagance
It’s just him and I

L-O-V-E. How do you define love? The early stages of excitement, racing hearts and sweaty palms, hoping you’re giving the best impression possible. As interest increases and conversations become meaningful, curiosity takes lead, the intrigue and mystery of another slowly disappear, replaced with admiration. When the relationship develops and two individuals connect on a deeper spiritual level, feelings tend to intensify which reflects in a heartbeat.

INEFFABLESS* designs are beautiful and full of meaning, take for instance the necklace worn in these images. I’m a romantic at heart when I saw the Heartbeat & Love Necklace I was drawn to the meaning of it. Opting for the silver finish as it would match with other jewellery I own. The necklace is light with a delicate chain that you hardly notice you’re wearing it until you receive a compliment. Their jewellery is ideal for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, valentine’s day that’s just a month away. Treat yourself or someone you adore, a great gift idea that many would be impressed by. Recently I’ve noticed that name necklaces are increasing in popularity, especially on Instagram, scrolling past numerous layered necklaces usually in a gold finish. If you want to be chic, on-trend or generally want a custom necklace, Ineffabless have got you covered.

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What’s your view on the layered necklaces?

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