Jewellery can be seen as just a fashion accessory but what if you could have your own jewellery that means so much more. I’m not a fashion jewellery kind of person,  I’m more of if it means something to me then I will wear it. So when Ineffabless reached out to me and asked if I would like to review a few of their Personalised jewellery  pieces, I jumped at the chance!

When I looked on their website for the first time I was so impressed with the selection, the variety of pieces is great and there is a wide range for metals such as gold, silver and rose gold.  I picked 2 necklaces; one with Elsa and Cleo in a heart and one with The Coastal Mummy engraved on it. They don’t just sell necklaces though, there are also bracelets. Also in the variety of metals. There is something for everyone’s style, whether you are looking for yourself or for a gift. There are jewellery pieces that would be amazing for a wedding, anniversary or if your loved one has just had a baby. I only have one bracelet that I wear so a Personalised necklace was perfect for me.

The jewellery itself is stunning, the necklace chain length is perfect so you don’t need to worry about it being too short. I got both my necklaces in silver and the quality is great. The packaging and presentation look very high-end. With your order you receive a bag, cleaning cloths and a box with your piece of jewellery beautifully presented inside. Ineffabless are high quality for reasonable prices.

Since wearing my necklaces I have been complimented on them by friends and family, they comment on how beautiful they are. Ineffabless jewellery is fashionable yet has a personal meaning behind it.  I will treasure my jewellery for years to come.


Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace – INEFFABLESS

In each of us, there is one or a few particularly important people in our hearts. Perhaps your lover, maybe your family. Our heart is like a house filled with love, filled with flowers. Our hearts need to be carefully laid out, because we can make our favorite people happy inside. Like INEFFABLESS name necklace – Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace allows you to put the name of a loved one inside. You can choose silver, rose gold, gold. You can design two people’s own name on this 925 sterling silver heart necklace. It could be the name of two of your favorite people, be the name of you and your sweetheart, you and your mother’s name, you and your sister’s name.
This full of love design necklace so that love surrounded by the names of the most loved ones. Let us wear on the body everyday. You must feel very warm, you must feel very strong, because they are with you.
Love is the eternal symbol of mankind, the best symbol of love. Because this is love, the symbol of human beings different from other species. This two names love necklace is our well-designed for you, it is a symbol of love. Like we have been pursuing: INEFFABLESS -Moment of Forever …

Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace Rose Gold

Personalize Jewellery – Keep Your Memories

Jewellery is more than just a woman’s ornament, it sometimes contains memories. For example, INEFFABLESS name necklace. You can design and design any text yourself. Can be your favorite person, can be the special meaning of the word. When you design, we will always save this memory for you in your own design name necklace above. Because our name necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, as long as you save carefully, he will always be with you.
Our memory is divided into a variety of joy, pain, helplessness. But no matter what kind of memory, time is all for us. Finally, only love, our love for mom, our love for dad, our love for our friends, our love for our partners and our children. I think only jewelry and women can be so intimate. Only jewelry can save these memories.
We know how important this memory is for you, so we try our best to create and produce the perfect personalized jewellery for these beautiful memories. Our mission is to make your memory – Moment of Forever …


Hello Everyone! 

 I wanted to share with you all my thoughts on my favourite new piece of jewellery I’ve received from brand Ineffabless. (find them here personalized jewellery

 As I’ve grown a little older, my taste in a variety of things has changed. This includes a variety of different foods, music and style. For example, the style I carry and the jewellery I wear, tends to be geared to more minimilastic pieces and items I know I will continue to wear or get use out of throughout the years, as opposed to pieces that go out of style quickly. 

 Since receiving this personalised Engravable Bar Necklace from Ineffabless, I haven’t taken it off. The wording it’s inscribed with reads “Go Your Own Way”, lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Fleetwood Mac. These words are something I hold dear to me and a reminder to do exactly that – continue to move forward as I choose. Available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold there really is something to suit everyone and because they are personalised the possibilities for  personalisation are endless. Perhaps a memeorable day, name or quote?

This is a Stevie Nicks print I received as a gift some years ago (unsure of the shop or website)

 The material is 18k white gold plated and comes complete with an adjustable chain that is very dainty. How the product came packaged completely blew me away and immediately prompted me to think who I could purchase a necklace for. The box is so chic and came with a tiny cleaning cloth. RRP is £31.50 but currently you can pick one up from their website for only £22! 

Ineffabless have many other styles of jewellery that can be personalised, along with other pieces that are beautiful and ideal for Christmas or special occasions. 

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Hi guys, I’ve completed a short post with a review of a site I have experienced service from lately. I have chosen to share this

Ineffabless jewellery was a company I found through my daily browsing of Instagram. I decided to check them out, I’m a big lover of accessories, especially when it comes to an intricate necklace, something which they have plenty of to offer. Each piece on site is so individual. It is almost impossible to browse and leave empty handed.

The site they lead is full to the brim of beautiful pieces with every item of jewellery you could ever need. Earrings rings, necklaces. You name it, they have it. I love it.

The collection is so versatile and there is something to suit a wide variety of age taste and occasions. From sterling silver to rose gold, simple designs through to more flamboyant and colourful jewellery. The choices are endless.

It was hard to choose just one item,  I went with an angel heart and wings rose gold necklace. The delivery was fast and the service was superb. Ineffable kept in touch with myself throughout the delivery process and checked I was happy with the product afterwards. I could happily have every item from the collection and will be ordering again. After all, Christmas is creeping up.

Here, I have added some useful URL links that may just help you find something you are looking for, such as that perfect silver necklace or earring set;

Silver jewellery UK

Silver necklaces UK

See below for a few images. I love my necklace and have been wearing it as a key piece and part of my everyday uniform. It’s too easy to wear. Much if the range of their jewellery will go with any outfit. It’s so easy to pull off and gives a little sparkle at the same time. What more can a girl want?!




Psst..check them out on their website of you haven’t already –

silver jewelry UK –
silver necklaces uk

For Instagram search ineffabless jewelry.

Happy browsing, lots of love  x.

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Ineffabless jewellery. A sneak peak and review of my recent service.

A Name Necklace and Personalised Presents for Valentines

Hey everyone!

I know Valentines Day is 3 and a half weeks away still but I personally like to get any sort of gifts or plans finalised for an occasion way before it actually happens. I always like to be one step ahead and organised so todays post is about some beautiful Ineffabless Jewellery. I did a post a while back on some of their other gorgeous rose gold pieces which you can view here.

It’s no secret, all women love jewellery. The fact that there are so many different types, finishes and colours of jewellery makes it a super universal and personal gift too. Even after all of this, you could even go the extra mile and have it actually personalised for your special someone which is where Ineffabless come in. They kindly sent me two pieces of super pretty personalised rose gold jewellery which would be an absolutely gorgeous gift for a loved one this Valentines.

Small Personalised Name Necklace – Rose Gold // £57

Of course I had to get this with Jake and I’s names on and I think it’s super adorable. It’s just the right size to be noticeable but not big enough to the point where it’s too much. The pendant is sturdy and well made and it comes in a lovely box with a polishing cloth and suede bag for no extra price. £57 is the full price of this item but Ineffabless always have brilliant deals on their site with money off of their jewellery. There are so many different types of the Name Necklace that you can buy too if this particular one isn’t up your street. You can check out all different styles of the Name Necklace on their site here: Personalized Jewellery.

I Love You To The Moon And Back Bracelet – Rose Gold // £52

This is such an adorable and dainty bracelet and it also comes in regular Gold and Silver. It’s one of those jewellery pieces that you could easily wear every day with any outfit which is what would make it perfect as a sentimental gift. It also has a really cute little heart on the opposite side of the bracelet to the clasp too which adds an extra special element to it.

What’s the nicest gift you’ve ever received on Valentines? Would you like to receive a name necklace from your loved one?

’Til Next Time,
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